Academic Software Offers Deep Discounts on MS Office Adobe Photoshop and More

We all know that college is expensive but there is one way that college actually helps us save money and that is by allowing us to purchase software using an academic discount. When you purchase software using an academic discount you get the full version of the software at a deep discounted price. The only caveat is that the software cannot be used for business or commercial purposes. There are several different companies that sell academic versions of software, but our favorite is the . They have a large selection, fast shipping, and really good prices.

Some examples of savings that you can find at the Academic Superstore are the entire Adobe Creative Suite for less than $500 instead of normally paying around $2000. You can also find the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional for less than $100, as opposed to normally paying around $500. The great thing about academic software is you can afford to get the full version of name brand software and you know that it’s legal to use, and it does not contain any viruses or malware.

In order to purchase academic software you need to either be a student, parent of a student, teacher, faculty, or staff, of a school or college. Also school districts and nonprofit organizations are allowed to purchase the academic version of most software programs. When you purchase your academic software you need to provide academic proof so that the Academic Superstore can ensure that you meet the proper criteria. For college students you will usually need a current student ID, or a copy of your course schedule, or registration receipt for the semester, if you have a letter of enrollment on school letterhead, that will work also.

It’s actually very easy to prove that you are a student if you are actually a student. And having a licensed version of the latest software can make your schoolwork easier and also increase your knowledge. In fact, if you happen to be a student, now would be a great time to stock up on expensive software that you probably can’t afford to pay full price for. Besides getting the latest version of MS Office and the entire Adobe creative suite there are many other software programs available. For instance AutoCAD 2012 normally costs around $4000, yet you can get the academic version for close to $200.

If you are an engineering or design student having the ability to use AutoCAD is very useful. There was a time when the ability to use AutoCAD almost guaranteed a person a job. Although, in today’s competitive job market more and more new applicants already have technical skills and are familiar with using software programs. Having the ability to use AutoCAD may not write you a job ticket, but if you are a designer or an engineer, having that extra ability should help a lot when it comes to interview time and landing that important first job.

Academic software seems to be a best kept secret and it’s surprising that more students don’t take advantage of this great money saving opportunity. Whether you are trying to increase your skills or you need that specific software for your course work, having access to the latest versions of the most popular productivity and creative software can help you take your skills to the next level. If you have time, definitely take a chance and browse the selections at .

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