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The Nook Tablet Proves That the Nook is All Grown Up

Barnes & Noble now offers a range of Nook devices from the Nook Simple Touch to the Nook Color to the new Nook Tablet. These devices are portable and fun and even have some features that the Kindle doesn’t have. Nook Simple Touch When it comes to recreational reading an e-ink reader is the way… Continue Reading

Best Device for Reading eTextbooks

The best device for reading etextbooks is whatever device you own. There was a time when e-books and etextbooks came in many different formats, and depending on the reader or device you had, you were required to use a specific format. Fortunately today, you can read etextbooks on ereaders, tablet computers, Mac and PC computers,… Continue Reading

Best Job and Career Options for 2012

Knowing the future job outlook is a great way to ensure that your future career plan will benefit you. No one can really predict the future, but most experts agree that technology, education, and health care will be popular in the future. There are also service industries that hold promise such as specialty chefs and… Continue Reading