Barnes & Noble Nook Compared With The Kindle

I keep reading articles about the Nook being a Kindle killer. I wouldn’t exactly say that this is true. But,it is definitely more competition for the Kindle. But then again, there are new and improved ebook readers springing up all over the place. However, B&N is a large book retailer, so they do have a chance to give the Amazon online bookstore a run for it’s money.

One advantage the iPod has is the iTunes music store. An advantage the Kindle has is the Amazon Kindle store. So in order for B&N to compete with their nook, they need to offer something that Amazon doesn’t.  And that is exactly what they have tried to do. Their biggest advantage is that they are a physical presence and even though the nook is a digital device they offer special bonuses when you bring your nook into an actual B&N store.

According to the Barnes & Noble website, when you bring your nook into their store, exclusive content and discounts will pop up on your screen. They plan to offer the ability to read entire ebooks for free at their locations. Another exclusive offering that the Kindle doesn’t have, is the ability to share ebooks with friends. They say most ebooks can be lent to friends for up to 14 days at a time.

If your friend downloads free B&N ereader software, you can send the ebook to thier nook, cell phone, or computer. Besides these features, the nook is fairly similar to the Kindle. It is a plain but stylish white design. With easy to read E-Ink display. It features 3G and WiFi and you can sample books for free. You can also adjust your text size and store up to 1,5 00 books, magazines, and newspapers.

It does add a slot for a memory card and it sounds like their highlighting capacity may be different than the Kindle bookmarking feature. They also have an ereader software that you can install on your iPhone or BlackBerry where you can keep reading if you don’t have your nook with you. Another feature the nook has is a touchpad screen and a touchpad keyboard.

In case you want to purchase a nook you can pre-order it from the Barnes & Noble website. I clicked on the pre-order button today and they said it would be available on December 11th. I also beleive you can go to your nearest Barnes & Noble and purchase a nook in person once they are available. They seem to be doing everything they can to capitalize on actually having a physical presence.

The nook looks like a very nice stylish little device. If you are an Amazon fan or already have a Kindle then there is probably no reason to switch. If for some reason you don’t like Amazon or the Kindle, then the nook would make a very nice alternative. It is too soon to say who will win the ebook reader war. More than likely there will be enough room for many players. Which is a good thing because nothing breeds innovation like competition.

Barnes & Noble is a large book retailer and they have many money saving textbook and etextbook options. If you want to read your textbooks on Nook devices it is best to stick with text heavy versions. It is possible to have textbooks for Nook devices, but to really enjoy the graphics and use the enhanced highlighting and viewing options you are best to stick with Nookstudy, which is an application which allows you to have etextbooks on your computer of choice with enhanced options, such as search tag and highlighting tools. Nookstudy is ther perfect Barnes & Noble solution for etextbooks.

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