We all know the advantages of using etextbooks. Instant access, cost less, no more lugging heavy books around, easy on the environment, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook, or at least the most important parts, and carry light weight notes for … Read more

CourseSmart Review

Course Smart offers about 5000 eTextbook titles. Once again the price is about half of what you will pay for a printed textbook. A nice thing about the Course Smart titles is that they allow search, printing, highlighting, note-taking, and copy and paste capabilities. Students who buy an eTextbook at CourseSmart gain instant access to … Read more

eCampus Review

ECampus is one of the oldest and most established online textbook retailers. They have a large selection of eTextbooks and new and used print textbooks. They boast a massive digital library of eTextbooks, with over 5000 eTextbooks available for download. Their website is also simple and easy to browse. They also offer additional items, such … Read more