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Sony Takes On Kindle Textbooks

Sony recently launched a wireless version of it’s ebook reader. Even though Sony was an ebook reader pioneer this is Sony’s first wireless e reader. Now Sony has 3 e readers to rival the Kindle at 3 different price points.

The Kindle still has the upper edge, but one possible advantage of the Sony, is that they are supporting the ePub format. Which is a format where books can be purchased from any bookstore. Instead, of just through the Sony bookstore or the Amazon bookstore, as is the case with the Kindle.

Currently books purchased in the ePub format have to be downloaded to a computer and then uploaded to the reading device, thus sort of defeating the advantage of having wireless. Where Sony may shine is in the e textbook world. As more Colleges have textbooks in digital format the more may adopt the ePub format making the Sony a viable option in the e textbook reader market. Another advantage of using ePub format is that many public domain books will be in this format making free information readily available on the Sony reader.