eCampus Review

ECampus is one of the oldest and most established online textbook retailers. They have a large selection of eTextbooks and new and used print textbooks. They boast a massive digital library of eTextbooks, with over 5000 eTextbooks available for download.

Their website is also simple and easy to browse. They also offer additional items, such as bestsellers, medical books, children’s books, and merchandise. They offer discounted prices on apparel, university stuff, Greek stuff, and art and office supplies.

Another nice thing about eCampus is if you are making the digital switch but you still have print textbooks left over from last semester you can sell them back and recoup some of your costs. I know I still have textbooks from years ago, it’s probably too late to sell them now.


ECampus also sells used textbooks which can save you a little if you have to have that print edition.

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