We all know the advantages of using etextbooks. Instant access, cost less, no more lugging heavy books around, easy on the environment, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook, or at least the most important parts, and carry light weight notes for studying on the fly.

One of the most popular etextbook stores is the digital store from they have instantly downloadable etextbooks that can be read in most browsers and also on your iphone, ipod, and ipad devices. They can also be read on digital devices that are Adobe Reader capable such as the Kindle DX.

In order to download and use an etextbook from an etextbook site you will need to check the format in which the books comes in. It will be either Adobe Reader/Digital Editions or Vital Source Bookshelf. Both readers can be used on your pcs and netbooks. The Adobe will work on Adobe compatible mobile devices and the VitalSource Bookshelf is compatible with most browsers and iPhone type devices, including the iPod touch, and the iPad.

Once you find the ebook you are interested in and have checked the reader available to make sure you have a compatible device. All you have to do is download the text and you will be given instuctions on how to download and use the compatible reader.

Instant access and cost savings are the main advantages of using digital textbooks. You can save time and money and have instant gratification. It is also easier to carry one lightweight device than to have an entire heavy pack full of giant thick textbooks.

You can also bring up the text on your iPhone using the browser function. This will enable you to have a quick study session or brush up on your notes whenever you are stuck waiting in line or for a bus, or for that late boyfriend/girlfriend to show up.

To start using etextbooks to and you will be studying in seconds flat. No waiting on the postman or standing in lines. Take advantage of the convenience and time saving elements of fast downloading etexts today.

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