Kindle DX Electronic Textbooks

This fall the Kindle DX will be running a pilot program to test the usability of the Kindle DX as a textbook e reader for college campuses.

Six College Campuses will be participating in the program; Arizona State, Case Western Reserve, Princeton, Pace, Reed, and Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Only about 50 units of the Kindle DX will be distributed at each college. Not an overly expensive investment for Amazon, but a smart move. With this brief introduction of the Kindle DX on campus it will start to become a familiar site.

Plus, they will get valuable feedback on the use of Kindle eTextbooks which will only improve the functions of the device in the future.

Amazon has it’s eye on the college textbook market and the Kindle DX is the perfect platform. Currently it is a pretty slick device, but newer versions will probably be even better and the price should probably come down as well.

I you don’t go to a participating College, and would still like to use a Kindle for your textbooks, no problem. The Kindle DX can read native PDF files, and the screen automatically rotates from portrait to landscape view, to better view charts and graphs. Just like the iPhone.

Most eTextbooks are already available for download in PDF format. So you could start using the Kindle DX for all of your textbooks, this Fall. In fact, the money saved buying eTextbooks, over new printed textbooks, would actually pay for the Kindle DX in two semesters.

Of course, you could just download the ebooks on your laptop or netbook. But, the Kindle DX has some definite advantages over the laptop. It’s lightweight, has a much longer battery life, is easy to use, and reading on it is way easier on the eyes.

Also if your text in question is already available in the Kindle eTextbook store, then thingsĀ  get evenĀ  easier. Let’s say you sleep in and miss orientation and you didn’t have time to read your syllabus.

Just show up at the second day of class, which is usually more like the first day of class. Take out your Kindle DX, and download the class textbook right then and there in 60 seconds.

You just got a second chance to be the model student your parents always dreamed of.

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