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The use of eTextbooks is just beginning, and as it becomes more mainstream the formats and availability will evolve. The eTextbooks seem to be a money saving and greener option than a traditional text. This fall will have many new tests and trials of the eTextbooks.

Textbook companies are trying to preserve their profits by creating online stores, and switching to the digital versions of text. There are also many open source projects in the wake trying to make textbooks and information free, or at least inexpensive. If you need a particular text for a class chances are you will still have to purchase it, even the digital version, will likely only be available at certain digital bookstores.

If you have a particular thrifty professor, or are just looking for additional resources, then free online textbooks may be able to help you out. In a previous post I talked about the open textbook campaign. Well I found 6 more sources of free or low cost eTextbook options and free ebooks in general.

  1. Textbook Revolution – Student run site that aggregates free eTextbooks.
  2. Freeload Press – Some free and low cost eTextbook alternatives. Some advertiser sponsored texts.
  3. Project Gutenberg – Online catalog of books available for download. Many older public domain versions.
  4. Text Books Free – Online index of free resources, including text and courses.
  5. Internet Archive – Universal access to human knowledge, OK, it’s web form that helps you perform an advances search.
  6. Many Books – Free eBooks for your PDA, iPhone or eBook reader. Easy to use and browse.

No Internet search for sources of information would be complete without a mention of our friend Google. Google Book Search also offers options of finding online books and information.

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