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The NookColor ships November 19th and you can pre-order it now. So why would I get a NookColor instead of a Kindle? Well for one thing the NookColor has a couple things the Kindle doesn’t have yet. The NookColor has a 16 million color display and a memory card slot. It als has a backlit touchscreen display and has the Barnes & Noble book store behind it.

OK, that’s actually five things that the Kindle doesn’t have. What the Kindle does have is the power of Amazon behind it and the beauty of e-ink. E-ink is a black & white display that is easy on the eyes, like paper. What e-ink doesn’t have is a back lit display and color. Both units have built in Wi-Fi and can switch from portrait to landscape, and have dictionaries and a thesaurus and the ability to download on the fly.

Both e-readers are fun to use and make a great addition to anyone’s gadget collection. They are also great for travelers, people who commute on buses or trains, people who love to read on vacation and don’t have a dedicated trunk for books. Students, scholars and everyone in between.

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The NookColor has a color touchscreen that uses VividView technology. With the VividView technology you can read crisp text day or night and view stunning graphics and magazines. If you want to share an article with a friend you can switch to an extra wide viewing angle, which reduces glare and makes it possible to view the screen at any angle.

There are over 2 million book titles available for the Nook. Most NookBooks are $9.99 or less, many are less than $5, and many are free, and you can always try out each book before you purchase it. One cool thing that the Nook has that the Kindle doesn’t have is the Read In Store feature. When you take your Nook to a Barnes & Nobles store you can read entire books for free for an hour a day, plus there is exclusive in store Nook content, free deals, and specials on books and cafe treats.

With this function if you were on a budget and lived near a Barnes & Noble you could visit a store and read entire books for free as long as you did it in one hour chunks each day. With the NookColor using the Article View technology you can have immersive magazine reading experiences. This is something the Kindle can’t do, yet. You can also buy single magazine issues or try a subscription free for 14 days.

With Nook Kids stories come to life. Childrens stories can be read and interacted with using the Nooks exclusive color screen. The Nook even has a read to me feature so it will read the story to the kids, and it doesn’t sound like a robot. Also with AliveTouch technology kids can touch the characters on the screen and they come to life and do things like move or talk. Making the story even more immersive.

Because Nook is excited about the new children’s story book features of the Nook, when you purchase one you get two free Nook Kids books; Richard Scarry’s Colors, and The Elephant’s Child. The Nook also comes with a LendMe app that makes it possible to lend and borrow Nook books with your friends. Since you are borrowing and lending books with your friends anyway you might as well update your social status while you are at it, with Facebook and Twitter.

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With the NookColor you can personalize and organize your homepage and create personalized bookshelves for all of your titles. You can also personalize your home screen with your own photos or built in wallpapers and create playlists and listen to music and audio books with the built in mp3 player.

Use the Nook personal shopping to browse and download books in seconds. You can search by title and author and browse different categories. You can even get the inside scoop with recommendations and reviews. The Nook has extras too, such as games like Sudoku, Chess, and crossword puzzles. You can listen to music with Pandora Internet radio and view PDF, ePub, and JPG files on your Nook.

You can even work on the go with Quickoffice software that allows you to view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Also the Nook uses the Android operating system. Therefore developers will be creating more Nook extra applications and if you are an Open Source developer you can even throw your hat in the ring.

The NookColor comes with 8GB of built in memory, but expansion is limitless because it comes with a memory card slot. Your Nook Books and purchases are also always safe because they are stored forever on your Nook account.

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The NookColor puts a little more fun into the electronic book reader. It is also great for kids and makes a wonderful Kindle alternative. If you are an Apple fanatic you could get most of the Nook functions and a little more in an iPad. But if you carry an Android phone like me and don’t want to invest the bank in an ereader device, then stick with the NookColor, it is a very nice gadget with a lot of options and it is fairly affordable at $249. You can pre-order today and it will ship on November 19th.

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