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One of the big names in eTextbooks has been iChapters. They had a unique twist where you can not only purchase eTextbooks at 50% off the regular price, but they would also sell individual eTextbook chapters starting at 1.99$ each.

Well iChapters is now CengageBrain and besides offering the above listed money saving options they also offer textbook rentals. If you are not ready to enter into the cengagebrain ereader age you can still save on your textbooks with textbook rentals. Renting textbooks is one of the most cost effective ways to save on your textbooks costs.

We all know textbooks are expensive, and it is possible to save a little money by purchasing a used textbook and then selling it back at the end of the semester. With textbook rentals it is a similar concept but, you save a little more and you don’t have to worry about the book store buying your used textbook back.

Another great thing about this service is it saves time. You order your textbook rental online. It is delivered to your door. Save the shipping box and the return label. Use your textbook for the semester. Then after finals, put it back into the shipping box with the premade return label.

Go online and order your textbooks for the next semester. You are not only saving money, but you are saving time. We all love added convenience and stress relievers. I am still a proponent of the etextbooks but this is a viable alternative.

It you are wondering about Cengage it is part of The Thomson Corporation which is a global leader in providing information solutions for schools and corporations. If you think back to some of your previous texts and study guides you may have noticed the Thomson name on some of them.

No matter which textbook option is right for you the most important part of the whole process is that you actually use the book. Some people claim that they work better under pressure and wait until the last minute. But if you really want an enjoyable stress free College experience. Stay on top of your studies and don’t get behind. You will end up with better grades and less gray hair if you follow this simple advice.

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