Textbooks.com Review

Textbooks.com is an online textbook store. The site is clean and easy to navigate. The front page has a box where we can enter ISBNs, titles, author names, or keywords. The top has tabs where we can simply choose Buy, Sell, or eText. The background is a nice blue design that would make web designers … Read more

Nook Sold Out – Textbook Deals From Barnes & Noble

Correction: The Nook Is In Stock And Better Than Ever. New functions along with 3G wireless and a decrease in price is available with the new Nook from Barnes & Noble. The Nook was to begin shipping on December 11th. But, thanks to pre-orders it sold out before it  began shipping. Currently it is still … Read more

Rent Textbooks With CengageBrain

One of the big names in eTextbooks has been iChapters. They had a unique twist where you can not only purchase eTextbooks at 50% off the regular price, but they would also sell individual eTextbook chapters starting at 1.99$ each. Well iChapters is now CengageBrain and besides offering the above listed money saving options they … Read more