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Textbooks.com is an online textbook store. The site is clean and easy to navigate. The front page has a box where we can enter ISBNs, titles, author names, or keywords. The top has tabs where we can simply choose Buy, Sell, or eText. The background is a nice blue design that would make web designers and graphic artists proud.

I gave it a go and entered a subject into the search box under the buy tab. A page appeared immediately with all of the choices of different texts, some were used, some were new. The used texts were considerably cheaper. There are also filters on the right hand side where you can choose browsing between used, new, hardcover, softcover, edition, and price. There is also an advanced search option.

It is also easy to sell your books back at textbooks.com. Simply click on the sell tab and enter the books ISBN into the search box. If this is a book they are currently buying you will get an instant quote. You will also be entered into a drawing to win a Macbook Pro each time you sell a book back.

If you are selling a book back be sure to log in to receive extra cash back. If you are selling a book purchased from the site and it had a cash back guarantee then you will receive 50% of your purchase price. You then print out a free shipping label and send the book back within 30 days. You will then receive payment by check or PayPal.

You can purchase etextbooks through textbooks.com as well. Just click on the etext tab and enter the ISBN or keywords that you are looking for. You will be presented with the available texts and formats available. It looks like most of them will either be in the Adobe, where you can choose between Adobe Digital Editions eBook Reader or Adobe Reader 7.0.9, or VitalSource Bookshelf Reader.

To view your book you need to download the appropriate reader. Both offer the ability to search, highlight, and markup your etextbook. You can have it on your computer, laptop, netbook, or any digital ereader that uses the appropriate format. You can also print out your text or just the important parts.

Textbooks.com seems to have a lot to offer from decent prices, online ordering, and an easy to use interface. All of the etextbook and online textbook sites have different strengths and weaknesses. Prices and availability also differ by book and site. As far as etextbooks the most appropriate site to use would be the one that comes in the easiest to use format.

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