The Latest E Reader News

Amazon recently lowered the price of the Kindle. Sony has come out with the lowest priced reader on the market, and pretty much everywhere you turn a new e reader is being announced.

The latest gadget announcement is the ASUS E-Book Reader.  This reader should be released by the end of the year under the Eee PC brand. ASUS is known for affordable laptops so hopefully this new e-reader will be very affordable.

The ePub ebook format is starting to raise some eyebrows recently. Some may remember that Google has a plan to scan and digitize all of the books in the world. The project was originally putting the books in PDF format, but Google has recently decided to switch to ePub format.

This is an open format that iPods, iPhones, and Sony Readers can use. Currently the books available for free download are public domain titles and classics.

This move should help the prospects of the Sony Reader and make open source advocates happy. As the ePub format gains popularity it will open the door for the etextbook market.

A nice thing about an open format supported by many devices is that you could read your text on your Sony Reader, your laptop, or your iPod. It’s hard to say what format will become the winner in the etextbook race, but ePub is moving a step closer.

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